Karunguru Farm Tour without Lunch

Karunguru Coffee Tours
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Karunguru Coffee Tours invites all domestic and international tourists to come and experience a different side of Kenya, a side that Kenya is famous for, a side that boosts the Kenyan economy. Here is an experience of Kenya's black gold; Kenyan coffee!

We welcome you to the Karunguru Estate Coffee Farm for a coffee tour that will take you through the journey that coffee has to go through before getting to your cup!

The coffee tour includes:

  1. A short welcome with a very short introduction into the process of coffee.
  2. Go outside in our lush gardens for a coffee tasting experience.
  3. Tour around our farm to various sites which are synonymous with the coffee process from the young seedling to the parchment grading process to the drying of the coffee
  4. Welcome to a 3 course buffet style lunch with a drink that you can enjoy at the 1928 ballroom.
  5. After this you can buy an array of items from our farm, Coffee, Jam, Honey and Coffee Soap at very affordable Prices!

Package Details
Tour Days
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Karunguru Coffee Tours
Meal Plan
KSh 2,000
KSh 2,000
Non Resident
USD 35